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Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2019
Occasionally I will buy a more expensive item for my computer just to see if the increased cost is worth it or not. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it is not. When I had gotten a new laptop I wanted to get a new mouse with it, and the only features I was really looking for were bluetooth, and the ability to use it on basically any surface. I have had this for nearly a year as of posting this review.

So. What did I end up getting? For starters, I did test the mouse on all kinds of weird surfaces, such as glass, my hand, or my computer monitors, and it worked pretty smoothly on every surface I tested. So it nails that. The bluetooth works amazingly well as well, and the battery life is incredible - requiring charged only after weeks of use.

I have had problems with wireless mice having a delay on initial movement, which sounds like a minor problem until you are experiencing it. No delay with this mouse. It is very responsive.

The mouse wheel was a nice surprise. It has some special thought put into it. It has the ability to roll like most wheels do, the ability to free spin, and a button to toggle these modes. What it also has is the ability to do a hybrid of these where, if you spin it with a low amount of force it spins normally, but if you spin it harder it toggles to free spin. If you install the mouse's software, you can configure how much force it takes to smoothly transition into the free spin, or to effectively disable that feature.

On the side of the mouse is a scroll wheel that controls side to side movement in the way the scroll wheel handles up and down. Very useful for applications like spreadsheets where sideways scrolling is a thing.

The mouse has a number of buttons on it that can be configured in the software. One of those buttons is actually underneath where your thumb rests, and is resistant enough to prevent accidental presses, and not so resistant that it is a pain to use. One of the things you can configure in the software is what that button does when you hold it and move the mouse. Holding it and swiping the mouse down might minimize everything on your screen, while an up or sideways motion, or a direct tap is configured to do something else.

Neat feature set, right? Well that isn't even all it can do. It has another feature in which you can connect it to multiple computers, and then you and move the mouse around between them like they are all multiple monitors. You can also move files between the computers this way. The feature is a bit on the slow side, needing time to disconnect from one computer and connect to the other when switching, which isn't as smooth as you might hope. However, it is still a very useful feature if you have multiple systems and often move files between them. Great quality of life feature!

Overall, this mouse far exceeded my expectations. I was not expecting to say that this mouse is worth every penny of its fairly high cost, but that is what I am saying. Yes, it is a bit costly for a mouse, but it is very, very worth it.
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