Customer Review

Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2022
I purchased this to see who was coming in and out of my driveway. I get a clear crisp picture, but there does seem to be a slight delay from the time the motion is captured, and the picture is taken. I am often catching the tail end of the action rather than at the moment of action. It took me a little while to set up, but I am not technology intelligent. I had a hard time seeing the small print and did need to use a magnifying glass. I am very pleased with the daytime performance. However, the night vision pictures are not decipherable. The night vision pictures are very dark. I only had 4-night pictures over a course of 2 weeks, and 1500+ during the day, which tells me the motion detector is not seeing well at night. I know I am missing some great wildlife at night because I see the scat in the mornings.
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