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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 25, 2021
The rubber size grips advertised in the product page title are just textured plastic.

=This is completely identical in shape to my old Deathadder Chroma (RZ01-0121) that recently died. Performance-wise, this has a lower DPI, but I tune that down anyway. Green LED only.

+Synapse tuning software now has "continue as guest" to use; You are NO LONGER REQUIRED TO CONNECT OR REGISTER ONLINE to adjust hardware settings. The mouse itself remembers the settings so you can uninstall it afterwards if you want.

-The little glider feet on bottom are way too flat! This mouse makes an audible rubbing noise as the hard plastic of the base goes raw against the mousepad. Old Deathadder Chroma glides much more smoothly despite being 5 years old.

EDIT: Removing another star because this mouse automatically installed the Razer suite when I plugged it into a fresh installation of Win10; Forced bloatware.
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