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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 15, 2020
I am writing this review because I was unable to get the answers for my questions before purchasing this product.

Connection stability and speeds

First things first, if you have home under 3000 sq feet, then there will be no dead spots and no dropouts, I can now get wifi in every corner of my home and in the yard also. Speeds vary between 150 mbps to 360 mbps depending upon how far you are from the router. I have a 2 story home and have one router downstairs and one router upstairs. I am getting 280-300 mbps upstairs, I dont have any wifi 6 devices, so all of these speeds are for wifi 5 devices. It might be faster for you. I have 1GBPS connection, so I think its not going to give you more then 350 mbps whatever your connection speed might be on wifi 5.

I did not wire the home for ethernet, so there are no ethernet ports everything is running of wifi and there are absolutely no issues.

Issue faced

When I received this route, 5ghz wireless backhaul connection was not working and it was stuck at 2.4 ghz backhaul and no ports on router was giving more then 400 mbps on 1 gbps, resetting the router after installing firmware update resolved the issue, so do it as soon as you receive these, or you will spend a few days struggling with issues and contacting support.

Second thing is simply place the upstairs router directly above downstairs router for good speeds or your upstairs speed will be slow.

Third thing is that they need to be placed next to each other for first time configuration or the second router will not connect to the first one.

If you face issues then you can simply chat with the support and I was able to quickly navigate from lower level support to high level tech support and they contacted me via email even on a Sunday, so they have great support. I was about to return it, but they resolved all issues.

USB Ports

Both routers have a USB 3.0 port, but you can connect only one harddrive to the main router connected to modem, Max capacity allowed is 4TB, password protected drives are not supported. So I needed to format the drives to connect it to the router.


Best feature is to be able to setup VPN on the router, Not all devices have VPN capabilities, specially TV's, I have VPN setup on the router and simply switch on and off when I want VPN connection for whole home. You can add as many profiles as you want and can simply switch when required.

Plex Media server

This router doesnt support plex media server but if you have a server already then media can be stored on the harddrive connected to router.

Timemachine backups

Its supposed to work, but it wasn't on big sur, but I was able to create a disk image on the hard drive connected to router and create backups on that, if you face this issue then search youtube, you can set it up in few mins.
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