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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 4, 2022
I've been using microSD cards for my mobile devices for over a decade and both SanDisk and Samsung are great quality cards. I tried many other (e.g., PNY) and for a while they worked, but stopped time and time again and customer support was never easy. Replacements would take over 4 weeks to arrive, while Samsung and SanDisk never had a failure. I strongly believe SanDisk and Samsung would replace product very quickly.

I own several of these discs. I'm using them for two purposes.

First: I'm using them to hold both client and personal data. I found many years ago it is a benefit to keep client data separate, as well as keeping my personal data separate, too. This means keeping them on individual microSD cards.

I know Samsung and others are moving from microSD cards to the cloud or whatever. They have yet to find anything as good as the microSD card. MicroSD cards are:

1) Cheaper than the Cloud at initial purchase (vs yearly fees).
2) Faster than the Cloud.
3) Cheaper than the download cost by cell phone companies.
4) Finally, cheaper year over year than the Cloud.

They are smaller and easier to handle than USB C Flash drives or USB C card readers.

The second reason I got a 512GB microSD card was the backup and restore drive for my Dell T7910. I use Ashampoo Backup Pro version 16. It includes the ability to create a system restore drive and the ability to back up the C drive where a Windows emergency restore drive can bring back the bootable C drive.

The Ashampoo Backup Pro version 16 repartitions the drive from 512GB to 32GB and installs an emergency restore copy of Windows 10. The remaining 480GB can be partitioned and formatted using NTFS or FAT32. On this second partition, I placed important files for my C: drive.

I can highly recommend the SanDisk 512GB microSD card!
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