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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2021
At least with a scratched dvd you can still see bits and pieces of the movie but you can’t even get a game to load on Roblox! the only Reason I bought this for. Anyways I took a video. This was after I restarted the device, tried to launch again, that didn’t work so I reinstalled the app. Nope! That didn’t work I tried it outside Kids profile and nope that didn’t work the device is so slow. I’m starting to think Obama was still president when they made the components that where used to build this tablet. The size and speed these modern apps require DOES NOT OPERATE on this fat obsolete “tablet”, that lags and the unresponsiveness of it’s touchscreen wouldn’t even be accepted by a tablet user in 2010.


1. If it’s slow from cheaper older parts maybe reuse components from modern tablets.

2. Use a different manufacturer?

3. Splurge but make the tablets cases cooler BY adding more design options. Add headphones or BOGO! I would definitely pay extra for something better.
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