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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 11, 2021
The back is completely hollow. I'm going to fill mine with nuts for the winter. The screws are screwy and really frustrating to deal with. When I sat my delicate 250 pound frame into the chair that is supposed to support 275 pounds there was MUCH crackling and a nihilistic sense of the chair's impending doom despite having just been created with love and and a lot cussing. This is the chair for those of us that want to look fancy but cannot afford the actual fancy chair that will support your back and tell you who's your daddy. This chair will be sat on with the expectation that my back will feel stiff, my legs swollen and my ass numb. But I have to sit in something and the milk crates ain't cuttin' it. So in conclusion: this chair is better than a stack of milk crates stolen from behind the local super mar-shay.
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