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Reviewed in the United States on October 19, 2020
Towards the end of last year I was looking to improve my home setup. Less wires equals less clutter around my home desk. With the pandemic hitting in March, I was able to replicate my work setup, so I was good to go. This keyboard is solid. Has exactly what I needed. The size is pretty much similar to a regular keyboard, and is great to type on. Setup was very straight forward, so I was good to go in less than 10 minutes. I was looking for a full size wireless Bluetooth keyboard that had everything a wired keyboard had. Backspace and delete where I have come to expect it. Separate arrow keys and a number pad. The only issue, and this just started happening within the past 3 days. It started having issues with keystroke entry and recognition. As another reviewer stated, "started out as quirky and slightly irritating to a major problem" The function key in essence doubles as the key to make the board active. By default the Bluetooth keys above the number pad illustrate its activity. This will just deactivate. At that point the keyboard is unusable. If you're unaware, it just appears that it stopped working. There are instances that it goes in and out, as I type. On the screen nothing appears and then the last letter it recognised, it repeats upto 10 of them. It then doesn't properly respond. You hit backspace, and it will delete all that was typed. To illustrate the issue, if I was type, "this is a test". I might get "this issssssssssssssssss". Not sure why this has started to happen. This is solely used for work purposes, and I am not heavy handed with it. Nothing has dropped on it, be it liquid or a heavy object. Likely the Bluetooth adapter on the board has become damaged, or it is having issues after an OS update. Who knows? At this point it is nothing but a guess.

If anyone can explain why connectivity issues have started to happen, and has a solution. I would be greatly appreciative. I would prefer not to have to buy another. However saying that, I don't see this improving, just worsening.

I reached out via the email on the back of the keyboard []. Got a response within a day. Offered to send me a replacement keyboard right away. Solid response from their custom service, and what you want to see. Upped my 3 stars to 4 stars because of this. Can't give it 5, as the device did fail me. Would like to know what the cause of the issue is though. My fear is that this will reoccur again after a few month. Hopefully not, so fingers cross. Bravo on the response. Always nice to see a company stand behind their product.
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