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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 1, 2021
While in hot pursuit of a new waterproof mascara, I came across this beauty. A girl must have the basics in her arsenal and in my strong opinion, must be waterproof and stand up to the abuse we throw at them.

Let’s be clear, I’m a crier and also have allergies that make my eyes itchy and watery. When my allergies act up I go to town rubbing my eyes till I look more like a raccoon rather than bright eyed and bushy tailed. This one stays put.

I’ve tried many, and I mean many different brands of mascara. Why do I love this one and put my name out there saying it’s so wonderful? Because it just works great. It does as it says and stays put. Whether you blubber like me or still want to look cute even while sweating like a pig at the gym.
I also really love the applicator brush. It doesn’t get all gummed up like those with fiber tipped wands. This one has a nice curve to get close, the side closest to the inner edge is short so your lashes get closer to the wand where the actual mascara is. Making it very easy to apply to very tiny lashes in the corners. On the outer edge are the longer bristles. They help to comb out any lashes that have stuck together without leaving you looking like a tarantula is attacking your eyes. You are left with well defined and separated lashes.

While it stays put all day, it also washes off easily and doesn’t leave that crunchy, crumbly mess on your eyes.

Overall, I truly love this product over many higher priced products. It just works great and I’ll keep ordering it till one day they discontinue it and leave me broken hearted.

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