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Reviewed in the United States on November 6, 2017
Purchased this as a "better late than never" after one of our cats urinated on our bed, soaking through to the mattress, which we didn't discover until we were exhaustedly going to bed at 11:30pm, ugh. Thank goodness for air mattresses! After telling friends about what happened, they all suggested we get a waterproof mattress cover, explaining they'd come a long way since grandma's plastic wrapped days. I went with this cover because of the high ratings and am very happy! It arrived a day early so I had time to wash it before putting it on the mattress (which was still drying from the steam cleaning) and saw the water beading off of the inner liner when I put it into the washer as it filled with water, so that made me feel confident. I have not otherwise tested the waterproof-ness of the cover. It washed easily with a set of sheets (queen size) in a regular sized washing machine and dried in the dryer alongside the sheets. It did need a little extra time in the dryer after the sheets were dried, but it didn't take much longer. It's crinkle free, no plastic rustling or crinkling sounds when you touch it, which was honestly my biggest concern. Little noises really irritate me but thankfully this is silent! It fit my mattress easily with plenty of depth and is thin enough that my regular mattress pad still fit over it, as well as sheets without any problem. I'm very happy with this mattress cover, hopefully it won't ever be necessary again, but it was a painless $30 to spend on peace of mind vs. the cost of the mattress steam cleaning, buying enzyme cleaner, sleeping on an air mattress for 5 days and the elbow work and sniff testing the mattress to make sure it was cat-pee-free. Knowing that the worst case scenario of this happening again is just a few loads of laundry to clean bedding is very relieving.
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