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Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2021
This mouse was hardly my first choice for my Mac Mini. I really wanted a wired mouse to replace the Dell I've been using for more than 10 years with zero issues. But the reviews were so sketchy, I decided to consider wireless. I even ordered a different model - before I researched and found that the Razer I wanted doesn't work with MacOS. So here I am. This review is only for Mac users thinking about a new mouse and looking at this one.

BlueTooth DOES NOT WORK. You *have* to use the tiny USB receiver dongle. I have a USB hub with space so it's not a problem, and the connection is instantaneous. I was amused that I could use this mouse to set itself up with the Logitech Options $#**ware.

That said, downloading the Logitech Options software for Mac is something you'll have to find for yourself. Like the Immersion Guide that's unreadable, the Options software is so poorly built that you may be tempted to throw the mouse out a high window instead. I was able to customize several buttons, but I still don't know how to use the "Gesture button" and, as another reviewer noted, the thumb buttons next to the thumb scroll wheel are unusable. Fortunately, the mouse works just fine even without fighting with Options.

Ergonomically, this mouse fits my large right hand very comfortably. Probably two of my stars are based on the comfort fit alone. This is not a gaming mouse - I use it for writing and music creation - but it's a great fit for my hand. What's odd is that those thumb buttons are so small on a mouse that's otherwise so good in a large hand.

It tracks perfectly on my desk without a pad. It tracks everywhere I've tried it, including the computer keyboard and the music keyboard. If tracking is important to you, this mouse should make you happy, too.

So... mouse for big right hand, no-issue USB remote connectivity, fantastic tracking; BlueTooth doesn't work, some buttons too small, customization software is a steaming turd of uselessness. It does work with Big Sur out of the box with no tweaking.

I hope this helps someone else.
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