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Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2019
I've been installing these all over the house to replace standard "decora" switches. They look so much like the others that they don't stand out. This is a great option for home automation. I have them set up through IFTTT -- the ones connected to my outside (and some of my inside) lights turn off at sunrise and then turn back on again at sunset.
I never come home to a dark home. Best of all, they make home automation less scary to my spouse, who does not really want to shout commands at an Echo. I'm a 54-year-old woman, and I install them in under 10 minutes. The most confusing part of the process is that my house serve panel is written in very faint pencil, in German.
I tried putting smart bulbs in several lamps, but my spouse would turn them off instead of using Echo or the app, so I installed these in areas where I have fixtures, and in everything else I now have a HUE system with dimmer switches on the wall so that my spouse can have buttons to push.
One note: You MUST have a white wire in the junction box to connect to. Otherwise, the won't work.
I've found the TP-Link brand to be quite reliable, and I hope they stay around. They seem to be less buggy than others, and I like not having to have a hub.
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