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Reviewed in the United States on April 27, 2020
UPDATE: The seller contacted me quickly after my first review. They emailed a code to purchase a new keyboard. They don’t need the defective one sent back. I’m not sure why. I’m happy they are trying to correct the issue quickly and with very little to do on my part. I’ll update this review after I work with the new unit for a couple weeks. There’s a good chance I just got one with a bad Bluetooth radio or something. I’m pretty excited about it. The layout and the scissor switch keys feel pretty good.

Running a 2016 Dell all in one PC. After using this keyboard for a few weeks, I noticed a very problematic issue. The keys have started to repeat, sometimes for 50-100 characters before stopping. It's fairly frustrating as I work partly in data entry. I look at the source material more than I look at my screen. I've been forced to completely re-enter work due to this problem.
None of the keys seem to be stuck. My previous bluetooth keyboard never had an issue like this (it works fine, I just wanted a layout that more closely resembles the wired keyboard that came with the computer)

Outside of the keyboard's inability to maintain consistent reliability and accuracy It feels pretty good. The keyboard layout is very similar to a common USB keyboard you'd get with a Dell or other desktop PC manufacturer. It's relatively quiet. It connects without too much delay. It switches between devices reasonably fast.

All that said. I can't recommend this keyboard due to the key repeat problem. I'll keep trying to understand the problem. But, if I can't correct it before the end of the week, I'm going to need to return the keyboard.
I need to be able to trust my keyboard.
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