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Reviewed in the United States on June 24, 2020
I have ordered double WiFi outlets before and I’ve always been able to control each outlet independently. That is not the case with these, so I deducted a couple of stars because that isn’t clear in the description. If you want to set these on a schedule, BOTH outlets will be on the schedule, not just one.

I wanted to have a fountain in my garden bed But only have one outlet, and don't want to have to remember to turn the fountain off each day.

This wifi socket adapter allows me to put whatever is plugged in on a schedule, and the fact that my entire household can control it too on google home is just a bonus.

The cord on the item is thick and seems very sturdy, comparable to most outdoor extension cords. However, the cord itself is short- I knew this but keep it in mind.

Setup was super easy in the smart life app and this new addition appeared on my google home dashboard immediately.

I am so glad I got such a great price on a two pack- I intend to use the other for my back patio, where I have a fountain and a mosquito light that is currently left on 24/7 because the plug is too hard to reach!

GREAT BUY- A MUST start homes
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