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Reviewed in the United States on March 9, 2018
I wait a full week for this thing to ship, nothing out of the ordinary. I unbox it to find out that no tools are required, and I first I thought this would be one of the positives when in reality it's a hinder. I put this thing fully together in under 10 minutes, and I made sure the "adhesive" (I have my doubts about the quality of said adhesive) was stuck together on both levels tight and snug, despite the top one that keeps coming loose but I thought "Hey I'll just have the record player on top so that way it'll help keep it down", well I couldn't even try that. I was carrying this thing from the bottom like it said to do, was carefully backing it up into my room, and all of a sudden BAM it collapses into my hands. No, it didn't bump into anything, No I didn't drop it. It collapsed. On its own. From my hands. This product is unstable and is borderline a scam, do not buy!!! You're better off getting an actual wood shelf with the same dimensions. This product is not made to hold a record player AND records, even if it stayed together there would be no way it would hold up. I'm not some Urban Outfitters normie who has one record from Foster The People, I'm an actual avid serious record collector. If you're in the same boat, or any boat at all, DO. NOT. BUY. AT ALL. It's a sham.
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