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Reviewed in the United States on November 19, 2018
So far, not so good. Setting up is easy. Integrating into the fire TV was seamless. Scanning channels was quick. Beyond that, not worth the money for what it does. It found channels my TV never did. On the other hand, the far away bay area channels it is not finding when my TV does. There's no option to manually tune to them. That needs to be added. The program guide has a nice layout. No search option though. That needs to be added. The guide is limited to a week or less so if a program you want to set up recording for you'll have to wait for the guide to get to it if it isn't within the narrow range. So that needs to be extended. There's no program guide on the app so if you want to set a recording you have to wait for the program to actuality start. Even then, there's no option to record the series. I've experienced multiple error messages when connecting outside the house. I've tried connecting through my home vpn thinking that my router was refusing the port, but that doesn't help. If it doesn't want to connect, it won't. It's just a bug in their end that needs to be worked out. I still haven't figured out what order recordings are sorted in on the app so finding the most recent is difficult. They are dated, but their is no times so if it is a new recording or something like that, good luck. There is no option to delete recordings from the app.

Update - One additional star for the developers calling to get feedback. Still throwing up error codes far too often when away from home. Best method is to get a decent router with an in home vpn. Even then, it's hit and miss. It appears the sorting is fixed on the app with recordings.

Update - Need to add an option to turn off notifications that a program will be deleted to make space for new recordings. I get it. I don't need to see it all the time. Also interested to know if anyone else's recast freezes at the top of the hour when a new recording starts. I experience this all the time. I have to go back and start from where I left off. Always right at the top of the hour.
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