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Reviewed in the United States on February 19, 2021
I've owned this for about 3 months. Keyboard feels great and is overall mechanically very solid. If you like good looks this keyboard is for you! If you want a keyboard that actually stays connected to your Mac - then don't buy this. It doesn't connect via Bluetooth to the current Mac release (11.2.1 as of this review). In fact, it doesn't even show up in the list of Bluetooth devices. Using the included USB device is hit or miss. It generally disconnects on its own at least once a day. Sometimes the backlighting works, other times it just turns off. So, if you buy this, make sure you have a backup light for your desk! Logitech support told me to call Apple. Useless. As of 3/8/21: the keyboard continues to prove unreliable, disconnecting randomly on average once a day. Since there is no option to hardwire this keyboard, once it decides to not connect - you need to get an alternative keyboard (I use the Mac on-screen keyboard) until you get it to reconnect. Running Big Sur 11.2.2 - device still does not show up in the list of Bluetooth devices. As of 3/17/21: Updated Logi software on Mac. Was naively optimistic that all issues were resolved. Within a few days the keyboard resumed randomly dropping the connection. Imagine typing a great thought into an email when suddenly the keyboard just stops without explanation or an option to reconnect? Still does not show up in Bluetooth devices. The great window to return this nearly useless mechanical marvel has closed. This is my only outlet. Update 3/24/21: inexplicable, erratic behavior continues. Will work flawlessly sometimes for two days straight then suddenly, without any discernable reason just disconnects. Still doesn't show up in bluetooth devices. Now running Big Sur 11.2.3. Update 5/5/21. Keyboard was working great since 3/24. I was about to update this review to reflect this but, alas, yesterday it mysteriously disconnected again. Worst part it is provides absolutely no rationale for how or why it loses a connection or how/why it refused to reconnect. Uninstalled/reinstalled Logitech software, rebooted (several times) nothing. I'm only connecting via the included USB device as the keyboard still doesn't appear as Bluetooth device. Do yourself a favor and buy ANY OTHER keyboard.
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