Onsite Associates Program

Content creators participating in the Onsite Associates Program earn affiliate commissions from Amazon for qualifying purchases.
What is the Onsite Associates Program?
The Onsite Associates Program is an extension of the Amazon Associates (affiliate) program, that brings product-related content from third-parties onto Amazon to help customers research and discover products they might be interested in.
Where does this content come from?
This content has been syndicated from content creators' websites who have been invited to participate in this program.
Does Amazon validate or express the opinions made in the content?
No. The views and opinions expressed in the content are those of the content creator, not Amazon. Amazon does not influence which products are mentioned within the content. All opinions, recommendations and product claims are those of the content creator, not Amazon. If a vendor/seller believes content is inaccurate or unrepresentative of their brand, we would encourage the vendor/seller to engage directly with the content creator to address any concerns.