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We buy A LOT of stuff on Amazon. We also make TikTok content and have over 125,000 followers. We're going to share out brutally honest thoughts on the things we've bought as well as products recommended by my followers. Expect content on anything and everything a family of 4 would need. Also, be on the lookout for fun lives occasionally.
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5:45BEAMNOVA High Pressure Steam Cleaner Review!
1:09The sweatshirt dress is SO cozy & warm. Must Watch...
1:56My daughter LOVES this hat & mittens set! Here's Why...
1:59These patches are a MUST HAVE for ugly sweaters
1:02This Sweatshirt is really well made... Here's how it fits
2:00Never hand mix a soup again with this!
1:215 Year Review - How have they held up?
2:29These bras are a MUST HAVE if you're nursing! Must Watch!
1:165 Year Review - How have the UGGs Held Up?
1:03These shirts make breastfeeding SO EASY! Here's why...
1:24This frame looks GREAT! How does it hold up?
1:17This scale is so easy to read...
1:45This is THE BEST Swimsuit Ever! Here's Why!
1:462 Year Review - Hufflepuff Varsity Knapsack
1:08The Leggings are SO COMFORTABLE! Fit Check
1:37Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Monster Musical - Review
1:09This scarf has so many uses...watch this!
1:20This Sweater ROCKS! Here's Why...
1:35These leggings are SO COMFORTABLE!
1:18This is my everyday fitbit band now...
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