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2:16GREAT for Solo Creators but can record multiple tracks!
8:05Shure MV7 White Noir Limited Edition! ELEVATE your game! YES
3:31Shure AONIC 215 True Wireless - WATERPROOF!! Sound amazing!
4:22RODECASTER PRO 2 WORTH the wait? YUP! Wow - Podcasters WIN!
5:19WOW this Heil PR 37 SOUNDS amazing! CRISP upper mids XLR Mic
2:52Shure Aonic 40 vs Aonic 50 - Which Is BETTER? We TEST them!
4:12GhostBed Is the COOLEST bed on the planet! WATCH the SETUP!
0:41Heil PR40 sounds AMAZING right out of the box! PLUG & PLAY!
0:59SAME form factor as the Shure SM7b! GREAT PODCAST microphone
1:51CalDigit Thunderbolt LOTSA PORTS! POWERS your laptop FAST!
1:58High Pressure HANDHELD JETS! Shower Head FULL DEMO is here!
5:03Countertop Water Purifier is SUPER EASY to setup and ENJOY!
1:43SOLID! Holds weight - and great for INDOOR or OUTDOOR!
1:42Shure SRH440A STUDIO QUALITY headphones COMFY and ACCURATE!
3:43Black + Decker Under Cabinet Lights NO TOOLS NEEDED! Wow!
3:31Want a Better PODCAST? Shure SRH440A Studio Monitors ARE IT!
4:04Roku Express HD EASY and FAST streaming PREMIUM POWER! Wow!
4:15Roku Ultra 4K is FAST and RECHARGEABLE REMOTE! Use a VOICE!
2:48SHURE SR840A STUDIO GRADE audio monitors - wear them ALL DAY
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