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Hi I’m Ben and I’ve been reviewing products ranging from cameras to cars for 10 years!
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1:05Strong, sturdy, but dusty
0:59Great for everybody
1:00Fresh food galore
1:11Works if you keep up with it
1:05Perfect for winter congestion
1:07Great over the ear headset
1:09Lightweight & Warm
1:03My ultimate fragrance
1:00becca makeup always comes through for me
1:04Put all your books here
1:11S tier console for AAA games
1:12 Fun to Create!
1:05Adorable Mama Kangaroo w Babies
1:01Adorable Comforter set. love this!
1:01Modern Ottoman for the bedroom. so attractive!
0:50Nice cap. great to wear to a game.
0:54Cool dry shirt. Great for a hot summer day.
1:08great to wear to a club or a date
1:09Embroidered Pony Logo Shorts. Not cheap but classy!!
1:16great logo trucker hat 10/10!
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